Basic in using vim a powerful editor

In mid 90-s I start making homepage and try to find a better editor then notepad in windows.
At a barbecue a relative show me Linux slackware and with a copy of that software I start using Linux.
In Slackware there were a text editor called vim, when I first start it I don't understand how to use it.
But I don't give upp and after a while a found out how it work.
Now 20 years later I still use it.

In this guide i gona explain the basic you need to now to use it.

First you need to install the software got to and download a version to your system.

When you open a file you will found out that you cant change in your file.
This is because you are in command mode.
If you use H J K L you will se you move around in your file.
If you now want to make change in your file you press I , and you are now in insert mode.
By pressing esc you go back to command mode.
If you press : in command mode you go to last line mode.
by pressing w you save your file<
by pressing q you quit vim
if you write /”search string” you can search for something specific in your document.

This was a very short introduktion to Vim there is a lot more command you can also install plugins and make macro.

If you go to last line mode and write help or go to you fond a lot more about how it work.